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I`ve been invited to science labs as an artist in residence in the past years. There I witness the scientists prove their experiments through crystallisations techniques. When you think of crystals, you often think of shiny flashy rocks or gems. However, crystal forms are incredibly diverse; they can even be found in our bodies. Whether we are looking at ice crystals, glaciers, oceanside crystals, teardrops, sweat, or the salt in our kitchens, they are perfectly shaped nature-made sparkles. I started to grew them for my own pleasure, then I`ve started to integrate them into my art.

During our curfew times in the beginning of 2020, I grew another batch of crystals. I was always at home, so I had to chance to give them their desired lightness, darkness, heat and serenity. Then I photographed them under microscope and/or macro lens camera. The colors are the feelings of crystals. Because when they refract sunlight they disperse rainbow colors. To get that colors, I adjust the lighting of my microscope.

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Fernanda Klaus
Designer At Arbius