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The “Path of Light” series serves as a performance piece, beckoning the viewer to engage with the physical interplay of color and form, capturing visuals that blur the boundaries between art and light. At the heart of my contemporary art practice lies a deliberate positioning of light as the focal point. I harness light as a medium that facilitates introspection for the audience.

Within this series, elements such as crystals, planktons, enigmatic human cell structures, and depictions of biological activity converge to form hybrid compositions. These compositions serve as both reflections and embodiments of form and light. The allure of these pieces lies in the interplay between transparency and vibrancy of color, often juxtaposed with unfamiliar forms.

These artworks pivot on the interaction of materials, forging connections between form and color, light and shadow, as well as spatial and temporal dimensions. They delve into various phenomenological aspects and semantic implications. In the essence of my creations, light and color manifest as an ethos, enabling the transcendence of boundaries that constrain the physical and sensory experiences of the audience.

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Fernanda Klaus
Designer At Arbius