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Inside crystals you will find very unique structures. I am interested in the formation of different crystal structures. Crystal lattice shapes. When you think of a lattice, think of a cage. Although there are thousands of different crystals, the shapes of the crystals can be described using just six basic geometric forms. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ice crystal, glacier, oceanside crystals, teardrops, sweat or salt in our kitchen. My fascination lies in the interrelation between the micro and macro worlds, in particular where crystal structures overlap and unify until they finally come together as one.

I approach ice almost like a human body. It’s formed by small molecules. It holds memories. Its form changes like the human body. The project interprets the color, light, and structure of ice. Through their magical landscapes, I aim to illustrate the blue-green hues and extraordinary shapes of another world.

Photos and videos captured by compound microscope using ice, paints and mixed media. Melting of ice is a very slow process so it’s hard to witness the change of the form, unless you observe in close-up. Under a microscope you are able to observe the water droplets move faster or slower due to the hydrological cycle of water.

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Fernanda Klaus
Designer At Arbius