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In recent years, I’ve had the privilege of being invited as an artist in residence to various science labs. There, I’ve had the opportunity to witness scientists conduct experiments, particularly focusing on crystallization techniques. When we think of crystals, we often envision shiny, dazzling rocks or gems. However, the forms of crystals are incredibly diverse; they can even be found within our own bodies. Whether observing ice crystals, glaciers, seaside formations, teardrops, sweat, or the salt in our kitchens, they all exude a natural brilliance in their perfectly shaped structures.

My fascination with crystals began as a personal pursuit, growing them for my own pleasure, until I began integrating them into my artwork. During the lockdown period at the onset of 2020, I cultivated another batch of crystals. With ample time spent at home, I meticulously provided them with the ideal conditions of lightness, darkness, heat, and tranquility. Subsequently, I photographed these crystals under a microscope and/or macro lens camera.

The colors captured in these images are not merely visual representations; they encapsulate the essence and emotions of the crystals themselves. As sunlight refracts through them, dispersing rainbow hues, I meticulously adjust the lighting of my microscope to capture these evocative colors. Through this artistic process, I aim to delve into the intricate beauty and emotional resonance of crystals, bridging the realms of science and art.

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Fernanda Klaus
Designer At Arbius