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The Invisible Motion

The Invisible Motion series analyzes life with microscopic mechanisms. Even though we cannot perceive the motion with the naked eye, we can witness the micro motions and change processes of organisms by means of technological screening methods. In fact, this motion is the flow of the energy of life and life ends if it stops.

This project is a documentation of travels and research projects she has taken with biologist Dr. Joseph A. DeGiorgis. In this work, she analyzes the motion, color and tissue differences of organisms. Artists integrate the screening techniques used in the field of science to their visual language and enable these processes to be experienced by the viewers. This is an example of how boundaries are disappearing among disciplines.

Floral Landscapes

Using compound microscopes analyzing botanical cell structure that are impossible to see with naked eyes. In Floral Landscapes, they are the collages and paintings of different botanical series suggesting imaginary landscapes; inviting the audience to experience the microscope slides of the botanical cell structures in large scales.

Mold Blossom

Growing bacteria taken from different botanics led me to collaborate with living forms. Nature is fruitful and creative in an uncontrolled way. Growing mold was not something that I calculated when starting this experiment. Looking at mold under a light microscope let me think about the field of black flowers, moon surface, and microspheres.


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Fernanda Klaus
Designer At Arbius