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Spheres are reminiscent of cells, the minuscule building blocks that form the human body. Cells are the smallest components that represent life in our bodies.

The idea behind of the exhibition came about during my interactions with the Histopathology Laboratory of IRB Barcelona (Institute of Research in Biomedicine). The scientists were observing samples taken from healthy and unhealthy tissues (such as liver, eye, skin or lung) under the microscope. Visual differences between healthy and unhealthy tissues allow researchers to understand disease. This can be likened at my artwork, which relies on visual representations. The exhibition focuses mainly on the visually distinctive forms of these tissues. I adapted my observations in order to produce large-scale stained glass paintings. The work makes the “invisible” parts of the human body (the cells) “visible” and invite the audience to experience human cell structures on a large scale with the use of daylight.

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Fernanda Klaus
Designer At Arbius